We have successfully restructured and transformed some of the largest companies and financial institutions. Below are some examples and success we achieved:

Financial services

- Largest Greek Bank

Success achieved:

The restructuring of a leading international bank. We addressed around 80% of its liabilities, lead the disposal of non core assets, and identified and managed acquisitions. This allowed our client to double in size in a 24 month period, and repositioned them as market leader, successfully managing to raise an additional 10% of capital.



- Largest Global Independent Refinery Operator
- GATE Alternative Energy

Success achieved:

A large petrochemical conglomerate with a turnover in excess of 20bn USD (500m USD EBITDA). The engagement required a radical change of market focus, the break up of the group, alongside the repositioning of various parts and the wind down of their non-core entities. The total value created was 20% of initial base value (100% to 120% after restructuring).



- Pharma distribution
- Pharma track & production

Success achieved:

We lead the acquisition and turnaround of a large pharma business.
This included the split in monolines and disposal od monolines at a 50% profit of purchase costs.


Conferences in 2017


Resolving NPLs in SEE

Belgrade, 20 October 2017

Capital Connection

London, 6 December 2017


European Investment Summit

Miami, 8-9 March 2017

European Investment Summit

Athens, 11-12 October 2017


Conferences in 2016


Brexit: Result of the referendum - was it the right answer?

London, 29 June 2016

Turnaround von Banken: Herausforderungen und Lösungansätze - illustriert an realen Beispielen. Outsourcing von NPL Operations als Lösung für die aktive Recovery notleidender Kredite - ein neuer Sektor für Banken

London, 29 June 2016

Private Equity Buying into CEE

Prague, 16 March 2016

Distressed Investments Forum 2016 - DDC Financial Group

London, 9-10 March 2016

Conferences in 2015


The role Frankfurt can play in the European financial markets

Frankfurt, October, 2015

FS Round table Milan: the role of Private Asset Management Companies for Italian Bank Restructuring

Milan, October, 2015

Distressed Investing Conference – NPL Trading and value recovery

London, September, 2015

Panel on Rebuilding After The Turnaround

Stockholm June, 2015

FS Round Table Madrid: How can Madrid continue to build big opportunities in post AQR Europe?

Madrid, May, 2015

East European Conference - Turnaround's Emerging Financial Frontier

Bucharest, April, 2015

FS Round Table London: The Role of London As a Hub for European Bank Restructuring

London, January, 2015

Conferences in 2014


Private Asset Management Company and value recovery (NPL International)

Paris, April 2014

After the apocalypse: Rebuilding strong financial platforms for the upturn in central Europe

Bucharest, Jun 2014

Cross-border Banking Turnaround and Resolution (Restructuring & Insolvency Europe)

Vienna, December 2014

NPL Trends and Bank Restructuring (NPL Europe)

London, October 2014


Previous conferences available upon request.


Upcoming in 2018


TMA Germany - Case Study

Munich, Germany, 23 January 2018

TMA Europe East European Conference

Bucharest, Romania, 21 February 2018



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